The Mission

To ensure the sustainability of the greatest sportfishing river in the world – the Kenai. KRSA’s area of responsibility encompasses the Kenai River watershed, greater Cook Inlet Basin and Alaska.

 More specifically, KRSA’s goals are:

  1. Habitat: Conserve and rehabilitate fisheries habitat to maintain and improve the Kenai River watershed for sustainable fisheries;


  1. Fisheries Management: Promote predictable and meaningful sport and personal use fishing opportunity;


  1. Research: Encourage and foster fishery, economic, and conservation research to advance information for management of sustainable fisheries; and


  1. Education: Provide public education, scholarships, and outreach to promote stewardship of the fisheries resources.


The Kenai River Sportfishing Association (KRSA) is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization headquartered in Soldotna, Alaska. KRSA’s original focus was on the Kenai River. We have expanded our efforts to protect fish and fishing throughout the state.

KRSA funds or creates programs to protect and/or rehabilitate fish habitat, funds research on the health of Alaska rivers and other fresh waters and fish populations, funds or staffs programs to educate children, the general public and government/business leaders on fish and water conservation, and advocates at the government level for sustainable and equitable fisheries management.

Since 1984, KRSA has been a leading advocate for fisheries conservation in Alaska, working diligently to ensure Alaskans’ recreational fishing rights are protected and the fisheries are healthy for generations to come.

  • The KRSA Board of Directors and staff are all Alaskans, care deeply about KRSA’s mission, share a passion for fishing, and strive to make the organization effective and efficient.
  • Throughout the year, more than 200 volunteers and many KRSA members contribute their time and money to support of KRSA’s programs. This includes:
    • Volunteers who educate Alaska’s youth on sportfishing, conservation, and water safety
    • Professional guides who donate their time to take children fishing on the Kenai river
    • Anglers who speak up in support for responsible fisheries management and protection of fish habitat
  • More than 100 corporations, businesses, and individuals contribute as sponsors and donors to KRSA’s annual fundraising events.
  • With an understanding that no one entity can do it all, KRSA actively seeks partners on the local, state, and federal levels in order to coordinate and leverage existing resources.