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You’re more powerful than you may think. Your voice can be one of the most effective tools for fair fisheries and protecting your rights to fish.

Commenting on public policy in a respectful, fact-based manner is one of the most effective ways you can support sportfishing and conservation. Join our army of anglers who stand up and voice their support for sustainable and equitable fisheries.

ADFG, Alaska Board of Fishery Meeting Details

What: Upper Cook Inlet Finfish
When: February 7 – 19, 2020
Where: Anchorage – Egan Convention Center

For a list of all proposals:
Upper Cook Inlet Proposal Index (171 proposals)

For agenda and more information:
Alaska Board of Fisheries Meeting Information

KRSA has submitted seven proposals, and supports numerous other proposals, which are intended to:

  • Allow more salmon to return to Upper Cook Inlet rivers and streams;
  • Share the work of conservation among all users;
  • Strengthen the Conservation Corridor on Cook Inlet; and,
  • Provide greater opportunity for personal use fisheries – particularly in the Mat-Su.

You can view all of KRSA’s proposals here.

It’s time to maximize Alaska’s fish resource for all Alaskans.

Send a message before January 23.

The Board of Fish has a constitutional obligation to maximize the benefit of fisheries for all Alaskans. In Upper Cook Inlet, that benefit is maximized when the resources is made directly available to each of us – that means we need more fish in the rivers, and greater access to personal use fishing throughout Cook Inlet. We want healthy, sustainable fisheries, and that means we all need to share in the work of conservation and strengthen conservation corridors.

We need Alaskans to weigh in through written comments and in-person testimony. The deadline for written comments is January 23, so don’t delay. Submit your comment now.