Board passes Kenai king salmon conservation measures

For Immediate Release                                                                                       February 5, 2014
Contact: Ricky Gease
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Board passes Kenai king salmon conservation measures

(ANCHORAGE) After three days of hearings and public testimony, the Alaska Board of Fisheries adopted paired, step-down methods for managing the Cook Inlet fishery with special restrictions included for Kenai king conservation.
“The Kenai kings are not out of danger, but these measures go a long way with giving the Department Fish and Game the management tools they need for protecting King salmon,” said Ricky Gease, Kenai River Sportfishing Association executive director. “The regulations share the burden of conservation on all user groups including the commercial, sport, and personal use fisherman.”
Citing the 10-year decline of king salmon on the Kenai River, severe economic impacts to area business and to the state’s reputation for iconic Kenai kings, the board voted six to one, passing the new regulations for King salmon management during periods of low returns. The regulations adopted by the board were brought forth by board member Tom Kluberton who provided leadership and guidance during the public process.
The new regulation highlights include:

  • paired restrictions for all user groups
  • commercial set netters will apply gear restrictions and shallow fishing methods as needed
  • conservation measures enacted for August fishery. Based on scientific research and testimony by commercial fishermen, the board provided incentives for the use of shallow nets in Upper Cook Inlet.

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