KRSA Holding Public Forum On ‘Critical Fisheries Issues In Alaska’

The Kenai River Sportfishing Association will be hosting the ‘Classic Roundtable on Fisheries’ on Wednesday, August 22. There will be keynote speaker and panelists to address how fiscal, social, and ecological changes are impacting the ability to research, conserve and allocate fishery resources. Ricky Gease, Executive Director, Kenai River Sportfishing Association: “It will feature the […]

What happened to Kenai salmon?

As the summer winds down, Outdoor Explorer looks at one of the worst years of salmon fishing in memory in southcentral Alaska. The Susitna drainage was expected to be bad and was worse. Kenai king fishing continued a bad trend of 10 years. And Cook Inlet sockeye numbers were the worst in many decades. We’ll […]

KRSA Hosts Classic Roundtable on Fisheries, Keynote Speaker Chris Oliver, Asst. Administrator of NOAA Fisheries

KRSA hosts the Classic Roundtable on Fisheries featuring keynote speaker Chris Oliver, the Asst. Administrator of NOAA Fisheries. Oliver is the former executive director of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council who was appointed the top federal fisheries administrator last year. He will talk about funding pressures to fisheries research at the national level that […]

Reel News from the World of Fisheries, August 10, 2018

REEL NEWS FROM ALASKA and OUTSIDE Reminder: Deadline Wednesday August 15 to return Cook Inlet Personal Use Dip Net and Set Net permits to ADFG The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reminds 2018 Cook Inlet Personal Use permit holders that the deadline to return the permit to ADFG is Wednesday, August 15. These fisheries […]

Kenai and Kasilof River Fishery Update for Sockeye Salmon, August 4

Kenai  Kenai sockeye counts continue to lag with just 516,562 counted thru Friday August 3. At the normal 86 percent point in run timing, it is now unlikely that the minimum inriver goal of 900,000 will be reached. Current mathematical projections are for a final sonar count of around 600,000. With the fisheries closed to […]

Kenai River Fishery Update for King Salmon, August 4

Through Thursday, Aug 2, 10,855 large kings have been counted at the sonar at the normal 67 percent point in the run. After a slow start, numbers appear to be following a normal run timing. At normal run timing, escapement projects to be around 17,000 which is comfortably above the 13,500 minimum goal. Restrictions and closures […]

Kasilof River Sockeye Salmon Bag and Possession Limits Increased

FISH ALERT – Sockeye are returning the Kasilof River is good numbers, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is increasing the bag and possession limits to six fish per day and twelve fish in possession, starting Saturday, August 4. No more than two salmon per day and two in possession can be silvers. […]

Kenai River Fishery Update for King and Sockeye Salmon, Monday July 30

Kenai River King Salmon update On Sunday, July 29, 451 large Kenai River king salmon were counted, 8,969 to date, for kings more than 34 inches this season. The run is now past the normal halfway point at 56 percent, and the end of season escapement projection is around 16,000 continue to be steady. Figure […]

Kenai River Fishery Update for King and Sockeye Salmon for Saturday, July 28

Kenai River King Salmon Update  On Friday, July 27, 426 large Kenai River king salmon were counted, 8,101 to date, for kings more than 34 inches this season. The run is now at the normal halfway point, and the end of season escapement projection is around 16,000 and continues to slowly increase as commercial interception […]

Governor Walker Heads to Kenai to Listen to Commercial Fishermen, Ignores Sport Anglers and Personal Use Dip Netters

In one of the worst fishery seasons ever on the Kenai River, with closures and restrictions in commercial, sport and personal use fisheries for king and sockeye salmon, the Governor comes to Kenai on Friday, July 27 to listen to complaints from commercial fishermen that it is unfair to say that commercial fisheries have been […]