Classic events’ fundraising supports KRSA programs and match funding for projects

KRSA’s programs and project support for Habitat, Fisheries Management, Research and Education

• Eagle Awards – recognition of excellence in Kenai River habitat restoration / angler access
• Participation in the Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership
• Match funding for USFWS / ADFG pike eradication invasive species project on Stormy Lake
• Match funding for USFWS reward program for illegal stocking of pike in Kenai Peninsula lakes
• Match funding for USFWS / ADFG fish habitat Cost Share program
• Match funding / advocacy for Angler Access projects – Cunningham Park, Eagle Rock, Pillars, Slikok

Creek SRA, Centennial Campground, Soldotna Classic Fishwalk, Gilman River Center, Swiftwater Campground, Rotary Park, Moose Range Meadows, Morgan’s Landing, Izaak Walton SRS, Bing’s Landing, Jim’s Landing, Russian River Ferry, Russian River confluence

Fisheries Management and Conservation:
• Participation at the Alaska Board of Fisheries workshop, yearly meetings, and committees
• Participation at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, specifically on halibut issues
• Participation at the Federal Subsistence Board, specifically on Kenai River salmon issues
• Participation with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game with implementation of fisheries management for salmon in Cook Inlet, with a focus on Kenai River issues
• Participation with the Kenai River Special Management Area – Alaska State Parks advisory board

Research – fisheries, habitat, economics:
• Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund – management oversight to leverage $4.5 M in fisheries and habitat research and habitat restoration and access projects for the Kenai River watershed1
• Match funding for Kenai River watershed marine derived nutrient studies
• Economic reports on the values of salmon fishing in Upper Cook Inlet
• Upper Cook Inlet salmon simulation modeling

• Hooked on Fishing / Uncle Ted’s Catch, Clean and Cook
• Release a Hog – Take Home a Trophy
• KRSA website fisheries blog
• Kenai River Classic
• Kenai River Women’s Classic
• Kenai River Jr. Classic
• High school, college and intern scholarships
• Trout Pond – Peninsula Sportsmen’s Show
• Juneau Legislative Education Reception
• Soldotna Chamber of Commerce – Classic Fishwalk tours
• Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson – American Heroes Kenai Peninsula Family Adventure
• Match funding for SAFE KIDS, Caring for the Kenai, Kenai River Guide Academy, Stream Watch

1 PCSRF: Partial list of Fisheries and Habitat Research and Habitat Restoration projects
1. Chinook Salmon Broadband Didson Sonar Research
2. Chinook Genetic Baseline database for Kenai River
3. Evaluation of Culverts on Fish Passage
4. In-stream Flow Protection for middle Kenai River
5. Kenai River Habitat Restoration Evaluation and Strategy
6. Analysis of Size Selectivity in Early Run Chinook
7. Kenai River Sockeye Salmon In-river Abundance
8. Reconstruction of Upper Russian River Late run Sockeye
9. Kenai River Cost Share Program
10. Kenai River Slikok Creek Restoration Project
11. Kenai Peninsula College Restoration Project
12. Russian River Bank Restoration and Rehabilitation Project
13. Russian River Ferry Restoration Project
14. Soldotna Classic Fishwalk Access Project

Professional 501 c 3 charitable nonprofit fishery conservation organization:
• Dedicated board of directors – 18 members who deeply care about the Kenai River
• Professional staff and fisheries consultants
• Over 200 dedicated volunteers who participate in the Classic educational / fundraising events and other programs throughout the year
• Over 300 members who contribute time, support and money to the mission of the organization
• Endowment program for long-term fiscal sustainability
• Annual independent financial audits as required for 501 c 3 organizations
• Audit reviews by IRS, Department of Revenue, Department of Law, and Department of Labor
• Organizational audit and training from Foraker Group – standing by Alaska’s non-profits to ensure best management practices