Kenai River Classic: Nineteen years and still going strong!

Nineteen years and still going strong! KRSA’s Kenai River Classic was – again – a coming together of community, business and private, volunteers, communication, fun and fishing and no rain. Although the fishing was slow, there were participants that commented to me, “If you’re here just to catch fish, you’re here for the wrong reason.” The vision for this event that Senator Ted Stevens had twenty years ago is a proven success. The Kenai River Classic has raised over $8 million for habitat protection and improvement.

Caretaking the amazing “unique and forever” Kenai River is brought into even sharper focus with the circumstances presented to us now. Kenai River Sportfishing Association has the community support, staff and members it needs to make sure this salmon resource is protected and perpetuated forever.

We want to send a big thank you to everyone involved. We have such loyal and dedicated sponsors, contributors, vendors, participants and smiling volunteers….as our major sponsor, Phil Dyskow of Yamaha, said, “The Kenai Classic is the best organized and community supported event of its kind that I’ve seen in our nation.”

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to each one of you – our hats are off, we salute you!

KRSA Board of Directors & KRSA Staff