KRSA asks Board of Fisheries to keep recently enacted Kenai king salmon conservation measures

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                 March 25, 2014
Contact: Ricky Gease
907- 398-2260

KRSA asks Board of fisheries to keep recently enacted Kenai king salmon conservation measures

(ANCHORAGE) Citing a precipitous decline of king salmon in the Kenai River, severe economic impacts to businesses from Kenai to Fairbanks and the negative impact on the state’s visitor industry, the Alaska Board of Fisheries recently adopted paired, step-down methods for managing the Cook Inlet fishery with special restrictions included for Kenai king conservation. Now, as pressure to reverse these decisions comes from commercial fishing groups, Kenai River Sportsfishing Association (KRSA) urges the Board of Fisheries to stay a conservation course designed to return this iconic fishery to health.

“Even with the new restrictions in place, the Kenai kings will remain endangered for years and it’s critical that our focus remains on saving this invaluable resource,”  said Ricky Gease, KRSA executive director.  “The regulations spread the burden of conservation throughout all user groups, including commercial, sport, and personal-use fisherman. But they need time – read that years – to work. But the payoff is a healthy king fishery that produces enough Kenai kings for all the user groups.”

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