KRSA Hosts Classic Roundtable on Fisheries, Keynote Speaker Chris Oliver, Asst. Administrator of NOAA Fisheries

KRSA hosts the Classic Roundtable on Fisheries featuring keynote speaker Chris Oliver, the Asst. Administrator of NOAA Fisheries. Oliver is the former executive director of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council who was appointed the top federal fisheries administrator last year. He will talk about funding pressures to fisheries research at the national level that pose a potential threat to sustainable fisheries in the future.


Chris Oliver, Assistant Administrator of NOAA Fisheries

Join us at Kenai Peninsula College (Room 102), Wednesday August 22 from 1:30 – 4:00 pm, the event is open to the public.

Following the keynote speech, three panels of Alaskans will focus on critical issues facing the state’s fisheries. This is a rare opportunity to have so many policy decision makers in the room discussing how to better manage Alaska’s diverse recreational and commercial fishing industry.

• The first panel features scientists from the State of Alaska Salmon and People Project who will look at how collaborative approaches to science and data-based fisheries research may hold promise of unlocking some of the mysteries of salmon productivity in the ocean ecosystem.

• The second panel features members of the Alaska Salmon Fellows who will look at how communities around the state are responding to low king salmon returns and its devastating impact on rural economies.

• The final panel features policy and industry officials who will delve into new market-based approaches to reallocating fish during times of shortages, and how this approach can defuse often contentious disputes between commercial and recreational fisheries.