Lower Cook Inlet Salmon Fishery News Release #12

SOUTHERN DISTRICT: Purse seine: Waters of the Seldovia Bay Subdistrict, and of the Port Graham Subdistrict east of 151° 53.08’ W. long. excluding the Port Graham Hatchery special harvest area (SHA) will open to purse seine harvest on Friday, July 10 at 6:00 AM and will remain open on a schedule of M-F, 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM fishing periods.

In addition, the following areas remain open for daily Monday-Friday 16-hour fishing periods from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM,

-the Tutka Bay Subdistrict, excluding the Tutka Bay Hatchery SHA,

-the China Poot Section, excluding the China Poot SHA,

-the Neptune Bay Section, excluding the Hazel Lake SHA, and

-the Halibut Cove Subdistrict, excluding the Halibut Cove SHA.

Set gillnet: The Port Graham Section of the Port Graham Subdistrict will open at 6:00 AM on Monday, July 13 to commercial set gillnet salmon harvest on a regular schedule of two 48-hour fishing periods per week beginning at 6:00 AM on Mondays and Thursdays concurrent with other set gillnet fishing areas in the Southern District. The English Bay Section will remain closed to commercial set gillnet harvest until sockeye salmon passage at the English Bay weir is consistently tracking to achieve the 6,000 – 13,500 fish sustainable escapement goal for the English Bay River by July 31. Through July 8, a total of 4,853 sockeye salmon had been counted at the weir.

OUTER DISTRICT: Beginning on Monday, July 13, the following areas will open on a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 16-hour fishing periods beginning at 6:00 AM on those days,

-waters of the Dogfish Bay Subdistrict excluding the Dogfish Bay lagoon,

-waters of the Rocky Bay Subdistrict with anadromous waters closures suspended at the Picnic Harbor mouth stream located at 59° 15.52’N. lat., 151° 24.850’ W. long.

-waters of Port Dick excluding the Taylor Bay, Outer, and Island Creek sections,

-waters of the Nuka Island Subdistrict in the Petrof area north and west of a point at 59° 20.00’ N. lat., 150° 48.00’ W. long. and east of 150° 50.30’ W. long.

An aerial survey flown on July 8 documented numbers of chum salmon in the Rocky Bay, Port Dick, and Dogfish Bay areas that were within anticipated SEGs for those systems on that date.

KAMISHAK BAY DISTRICT: Waters of the Chenik Subdistrict including waters of the Chenik lagoon east of 154° 08.20’ W. longitude will reopen to commercial purse seine harvest at 6:00 AM, on Monday July 13. Waters west of this longitude in the Chenik lagoon area will remain closed. The following areas in the Kamishak Bay District also remain closed,

-the Kirschner SHA,

-the McNeil Subdistrict, and

-the Paint River Subdistrict.

An aerial survey flown on July 7 under poor survey conditions observed 600 sockeye salmon in the Chenik Lagoon. Video counts up to that date at the lake documented passage of over 6,100 sockeye salmon. This is within the sustainable escapement goal of 3,500 – 14,000 fish for this system.

EASTERN DISTRICT: The Resurrection Bay North Subdistrict will remain open to CPF purse seine harvest on a M-F schedule of daily 16-hour fishing periods. The intent of these fishing periods is to target hatchery produced sockeye salmon returning to release locations in Resurrection Bay.

The next scheduled salmon fisheries announcement is anticipated to be on Friday, July 17.

Announcement recordings are available on the 24-hour telephone recording in the Homer office at 907/235-7307.

Additionally, announcements, inseason harvest data, and escapement data are available at the following web address: