Project Spotlight

In 2006 KRSA funded two important angler access / bank stabilization projects at the confluence of the Kenai and Russian Rivers: Russian River Bank Protection and Rehabilitation, and the Russian River Ferry Crossing Rehabilitation. These two projects are still in use today, providing increased angler access, improved angler safety decreased bank erosion and sustained and improved fish habitat. The area hosts tens of thousands of anglers each year.

Now a decade later the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is planning to extend this project downstream from the Ferry, with an extended 600 foot walkway with access stairs. The draft plan addresses a problem area that continues to have issues with bank erosion through angler foot traffic.

The project includes 1) revegetation of the riverbank through plantings of native alder and willows; 2) installation of metal, light-penetrating stairways to provide access to visitors; 3) installation of a wooden fence to direct users to designated access points and protected revegetated areas; and 4) installation of an elevated, light-penetrating boardwalk along the top of the bank.

KRSA supports the purpose of rehabilitating the riverbank in the Kenai – Russian River area to assist in stabilization and prevent the further degradation of the riverbank in the area. KNWR intends to approve and construct this project with an intent of completion prior to June 11, the opening day for the popular Russian River sockeye fishery.