Window to lodge concerns on the use of gillnets on the Upper Kenai and Kasilof Rivers closes Friday.

Tell the Feds no gill nets on the Upper Kenai and Kasilof Rivers

Soldotna, AK – Friday, July 17 is the last day to send a letter or electronic message to the Federal Subsistence Board (FSB) outlining the fishery conservation concerns that will be created if the FSB moves forward with its decision to allow gill nets in the federally managed fisheries on the Upper Kenai and Kasilof Rivers.

The use of gill nets on the Upper Kenai and Kasilof Rivers was passed by the FSB against federal and state staff recommendations. There was very little public testimony, as few people knew that the Board was going to allow gill nets on the Upper Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. While targeting abundant sockeye salmon, the nets will also incidentally harvest rainbow trout, lake trout, Dolly Varden and king salmon because they are non-selective gear.

King salmon are of special concern due to the low returns over the last few years. Because of this, Kenai River Sportfishing Association (KRSA) started a campaign two months ago to educate concerned citizens of these fishery conservation concerns. In addition to the education campaign, KRSA has also created a letter writing campaign to let the Federal Subsistence Board, public officials, policy makers and sportsmen nationwide know the negative effects this decision will have on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers.

The FSB action was posted in the Federal Registry 56 days ago, which triggered a 60-day public comment period that ends Friday July 17, 2015. The KRSA letter campaign allows users to submit a customized request for reconsideration of the decision and to reopen the original public comment period.

More information and a letter writing tool can be found on the KRSA website at