Write a Letter to the Editor

Kenai River king salmon are in crisis. Help bring them back.

Kenai River king salmon runs are critically low and Alaskans need to take immediate action to return our iconic state symbol to a healthy population. Thousands of Alaskans depend on the Kenai River for sport and personal-use fishing and hundreds of businesses depend on the commerce the fishery generates.

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If you are not sure how to write a letter to the editor, here are a few tips:

1. Determine length and format guidelines, deadlines for submissions and who to address your letter to. This information is usually printed on the editorial page of your paper. Editors like creative, concise and insightful commentary.
2. Stick to one message and make sure it is in your own words. Keep it clear and concise. You may want to draw from your comments in your public comments to the Alaska Board of Fisheries.
3. Give your side of the story. Provide a human focus. Let readers know how the Kenai River king salmon being in crisis will affect them or others. Provide little known statistics or cast this issue in a new light.
4. Let readers and elected representatives know what action you want them to take to Save our Kenai Kings: do you want readers to contact a politician, submit a letter to the Alaska Board of Fisheries or join a demonstration? Do you want elected representatives to change a by-law or introduce a new policy?

Don’t forget to join us. The next Board of Fisheries meeting to discuss the management of the Upper Cook Inlet fishery will be at the Egan Convention Center in Anchorage on January 31 – February 13, 2014. Thank you for taking time to write this letter.