Ensuring the sustainability of the greatest sportfishing river in the world-the Kenai!

KRSA is the largest sportfishing advocacy organization in Alaska. Since 1984, KRSA has worked diligently to ensure Alaska’s recreational and personal-use fishing rights are protected and to promote strong science-based fisheries policy.

What We Do


Conserve and rehabilitate fisheries habitat to maintain and improve the Kenai River watershed for sustainable fisheries.

Fisheries Management

Promote predictable and meaningful sport and personal use fishing opportunities for anglers.


Provide public education and outreach to promote stewardship of Alaska’s fisheries resources.


Encourage and foster fisheries, economic, and conservation research to advance information for management of sustainable fisheries.

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Protecting Fish, Habitat, and Fishing in Alaska

KRSA sponsors and offers a number of fishing education and conservation programs protecting Alaska's fisheries.
Too much foot traffic on the banks of rivers is damaging to the natural environment and habitat.
KRSA works with schools and local communities to educate the next generation on sustainability and conservation practices that will preserve the Kenai River and fisheries resources.
Since established in 1984, KRSA has directed more than $4.5 million into fisheries and habitat research as well as habitat restoration projects.
Fisheries Management
KRSA encourages regulatory decision-makers and stakeholders to promote fisheries policies that are based not just on economic need or political influence but, rather, on scientific research.

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Alaska’s Voice for Sportfishing and Fisheries Conservation

KRSA is a community of fishing enthusiasts dedicated to protecting the greatest sportfishing river in the world, the Kenai River and throughout Alaska!

The Association and its members work to maintain this fish habitat for future generations by providing conservation education, advocating for sustainable practices, and investing in research and preservation efforts.

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Sustainable Practices
Restoration Projects
Investing in
preservation efforts

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