Get involved with KRSA

There are multiple ways for you to support KRSA and get involved with conserving fisheries for generations to come.

Get Involved


Every year over 200 volunteers help KRSA’s efforts to preserve, educate, and conserve. There are a number of ways you can volunteer and take action to save the Kenai River.

  • Volunteer to educate Alaska’s youth on sportfishing, conservation, and water safety
  • Professional guides who donate their time to teaching children about conservation on the Kenai River
  • Anglers who speak up in support of responsible fisheries management and protection of fish habitat


More than 100 corporations, businesses, and individuals contribute as sponsors and donors to KRSA’s annual fundraising events. As an official KRSA sponsor, you are not only helping with financial donations, you’re also showing your customer base that you are a company and business that values environmental protection and supports local communities.

Join Us

Your voice and support can be one of the most effective tools for ensuring the sustainability of the local habitat. Commenting on public policy in a respectful, fact-based manner is one of the most effective ways to support sportfishing and conservation. Join the group of anglers who stand up and voice their support for fisheries conservation by becoming a KRSA member. It’s free to join, and membership is lifelong.


Don’t wait for someone else to do it. The only way the treasured Kenai River and other Alaska fisheries will be protected is if WE stand up and do it. You can support KRSA by donating either your time or money. Or both! 


The Classic events raise funds to support KRSA’s work and educational programs to help ensure the sustainability of Alaska’s fish resources, both now and for future generations.

Donate to KRSA's conservation efforts

You can support KRSA by donating either your time or money. Or both!