Big Eddy Restoration

Kenai River Sportfishing Association, in cooperation with Alaska State Department of Parks and Recreation, is pleased to announce a recent Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council (EVOS) grant award to upgrade the Big Eddy State Recreational Site at mile 16.8 of the Kenai River. Big Eddy is a heavily used Alaska State Park facility; the streambank and park facilities have significantly deteriorated over the years and require repair and replacement. One of fifteen state park sub-units within the Kenai River Special Management Area, Big Eddy is accessed by public road and currently provides limited parking, picnic sites, and river access.

This project will:

  • Restore approximately 150 feet of degraded riverbank
  • Replace and/or add 850 linear feet of light penetrating boardwalks
  • Increase public access through the establishment of new walkways and stairwell river entry points
  • Install five interpretive educational panels
  • Provide appropriate parking for up to 30 vehicles including handicap parking
  • Pave the access road

One of KRSA’s mission goals prioritizes habitat; by conserving and rehabilitating fisheries habitat, it improves the watershed for sustainable fisheries. Completion of this habitat project will provide safer access for anglers. The redesigned and upgraded parking area will support additional users while reducing impact to local property owners, anglers will have dedicated access points to shallower downstream areas that will also help mitigate the effects of riverbank erosion, and boaters will be able to safely access restroom facilities without disrupting the bank anglers.

Site restoration is scheduled to begin in 2025.