Soldotna’s Fishwalk

Known as Alaska’s River City, Soldotna sits alongside the majestic waters of the Kenai and is close to the heart of many sportfishing enthusiasts. With prime access along the Sterling Highway, the Kenai is easily the largest recreational sockeye salmon fishery in the world, and 70% of Alaska angler days are spent in southcentral Alaska. With more than 50,000 annual visits, the Soldotna Visitor Center with its Classic Fishwalk has proven very popular with bank anglers seeking to catch Kenai River salmon. As the first-ever public angler access platform along the Kenai River, this 1990’s KRSA-funded project established the template for responsible angler access through the use of elevated light-penetrating platforms, which are now known as “Fishwalks”.

The original Classic Fishwalk provided responsible angler access in an area where the combination of a natural seep along the bank and impact from foot traffic had led to erosion and habitat degradation. A decade later through the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund, KRSA directed funding to the city of Soldotna for a complete renovation and upgrade to ADA compliance for this landmark Fishwalk, further increasing its effectiveness as a popular fishing destination for all to enjoy.

Today the Classic Fishwalk remains one of the main public access points for anglers as well as providing easy access to walk along the Kenai River. The Fishwalk has now been extended and links into the Centennial Loop Trail which is a 1.5-mile loop that is accessible year-round.